Just a few.

I am officially swamped, buried, in the weeds, and drowning with SO MANY amazing families that I have had the honor of photographing over the past few weeks.  This has been an extremely busy summer, and thanks to all of my wonderful clients, I am loving every minute of it.

As for my blog…… well, I am actually still catching up with July and early August here so if you are out there waiting and checking (you know who you are!) I PROMISE that you will see your pictures soon. And from what I have seen on my memory cards so far….they will definitely be worth the wait. I really think the cutest kids from all over the country vacation here on  the gorgeous beaches of southern New Jersey and their wonderful parents bring them to me. I have wanted to stick so many of these little people in my camera bag on the way home this summer. But alas all of their parents want to take them home instead, ah well.

Without further hesitation, I present you with one of the scrumptiously cute munchkins that came to see me a few weeks ago.  Be prepared to give her anything she wants, feed her candy and buy her puppies. With her delightful personality and those perfect curls, I bet she can get away with just about anything!



Did you say you want a pony?  ummmmm……ok!



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